A typical day at Blueprint


A typical day at Blueprint is varied and usually extremely busy. We start at 8.30 am but everyone is usually in the office between 8am and 8.15am. After a quick catch up about last night’s tv, everyone checks their emails and overnight applications and is on the phone talking to the candidates as soon as possible. The recruitment industry is highly competitive and everyone is keen to ensure that our clients receive the best candidates as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take long at all until the atmosphere is buzzing and the phones are ringing with calls from both candidates and clients.

Hard work is a strong feature of Blueprint, but then we play hard too, with team-building outings and regular social evenings. The day is always fast paced and diverse with constant changes and unpredictability making it exciting.

As the day goes on there are lots of activities involved, which leads to constant multi-tasking. One minute you can be writing an email to a candidate and the next receiving a new vacancy from a client. Catching up with existing clients and chasing up new leads are fundamental. We also often have short team meetings so we can brief our Resource Team with the most urgent vacancies we need to fill.

On the candidate side, we make sure that pre-screening has been carried out and that all candidates we put forward are properly authorised to work in the UK. Advertisements for online marketing have to be written and Social Media sites are updated regularly for networking with individuals working in the industry. Candidates that have been offered interviews later in the week are briefed and provided with the necessary paperwork and those that have successfully secured a new contract or permanent position through Blueprint are congratulated, with all start details confirmed in writing.

We finish our day at 5.30pm but most of us find there are never enough hours in the day so the time is used to finalise some areas of admin and to catch candidates who were unable to speak to us earlier.

Then it’s off home for some – the gym or badminton for others.....and maybe a game of golf at the Cams Hall Golf Club next door for the lucky ones. ........ if the sun is shining of course !