What does 2015 have in store for Renewable Energy?
Posted on: 01/01/2015

The UK gains its energy from a diverse mix of resources, however only 5percent of it comes from renewable sources- this is something that the government hopes to change over the next five years.

Whilst some renewable sources such as solar energy and wind farms have had mass amounts of research and investment for decades, others remain as vastly unexplored options such as antimatter. Antimatter is a material composed of antiparticles, but to the opposite charge of particles of ordinary matter- experts have claimed that just half a gram of antimatter coupled with half a gram of matter would create substantial amounts of energy.

Recently entrepreneurs have proposed ideas which, whilst they may seem a bit out there, may hold the answer to increasing the UK renewable energy production significantly. Converting footsteps into energy has been one suggestion- a recently built football pitch in Rio de Janeiro now supplies the local neighbourhood with electricity. Any step taken on the AstroTurf is converted from energy into electricity through 200 hidden energy-capturing ‘Pavegen’ tiles. Pavegen along with sister company Roadgen, who converts energy from vehicles on the roads into electricity, are likely to become a much stronger player in 2015 with profits turnover already at £1m and expectations for this to at least double this year.

Waves are also thought to have been neglected as a source of power in the past few years, the World Energy Council has even estimated that the planet’s wave power has the potential to produce double the amount of electricity currently produced worldwide. Sam Etherington, founder of Aqua Power, has developed a new device that captures wave power regardless of the direction of the wave, a product which has already received international attention and demand.

Both of these methods of energy are 100 per cent renewable and if successful would provide significant help in reducing the current carbon footprint. Over the next five years the government is attempting to raise the contribution of renewable energy into the UK energy mix up to 15%, a 10% increase from how it currently stands.

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